Whitetail Rut-cation Journal 11/3/2018

Whitetail Rut-cation Journal 11/3/2018 1

2018 Whitetail Rut-cation Journal

This journal will chronicle my Rut-cation and review tactics, based on weather and timing, to hunt NE Ohio whitetail deer.  I look forward to sharing this ongoing story with you.
Good Luck Everyone and  – Stay Afflicted with Whitetail OCD
  • Pressure 28.99 and rising all day
  • North North West winds 10 MPH
  • Temperature
    • Morning Low 34 degrees
    • Afternoon high of 47 degrees
  • Moon
    • Waning Crescent – 19% Illuminated
    • Rise: 3:10 AM
    • Set: 4:31 PM
Strategy today:
  1. Morning hunt in the transition area where three habitat features meet
    1. NNW Wind will blow straight in my face
    2. Seeking phase of the rut
Another sit with no deer sightings.  Talked with other hunters in the areas and they reported similar results.  Nothing seems to be moving right now in the deer woods.  It is almost as if we are into the lockdown phase early on in November.  If this is true, it coincides with the MOON theory on the rut with a very early chasing and breeding phase for 2018.
Weather again was a factor.  It rained all morning until 9 AM.  I sat until 10 AM.  The stand I chose   had not been touched for seven days.  The wind was perfect.  I got into the stand one hour prior to first light and didn’t bump any deer going in.  My hunt ended without a single sighting.
Tomorrow is calling for East winds and cold morning temperatures.  I will hunt my killing tree in the AM and transition to another farm for the PM.  The second farm is best hunted in the afternoon/evening timeframe due to bumping deer on the way in during morning hours.  The best part about the second farm is that I have not hunted or been in that woods all year.  ZERO intrusion on my end.  My stands are located just off the doe bedding areas and the topography funnels the deer movement along a ridgeline.  If bucks are seeking a doe, they will be cruising those areas.
While I am frustrated with the lack of movement early on in November, I plan to hunt hard and often over the next seven days of my Rut-cation.  It only takes one doe to change a season.
More to come

Stay Afflicted with Whitetail OCD!
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Author: Eric Hall

Afflicted with Whitetail OCD, I have been addicted to the Whitetail Deer since the late 1980s. It is an all-consuming and never-ending passion to learn about and ultimately preserve the heritage of whitetail deer hunting. Now I feed that addiction with the Whitetail OCD blog.

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