Product Review: Bushnell Trophy Binoculars

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme

I upgraded my optics to Bushnell Trophy binoculars in 2017.

Here is my review of these binoculars.

$80.52 price listed on Amazon


  • 8×32 (model I chose)
  • BaK_4 prisms
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Flip-up objective covers
  • 100% waterproof/fog proof
  • Diopter adjustment
  • 2 twist-up eyecups for easy adjustment
  • Large center focus knob
  • Ergonomic design for all-day comfort
  • 100% Iron Clad Warranty

The first thing I noticed about these binoculars was that they have excellent light gathering capability.  I took them out glassing whitetails in late summer and even when it was just about dark, I could see the deer clearly.  My dad said it was almost like they were night vision binoculars.  They have excellent glass for the price point.

I chose the 8×32 model to keep the size down as well as aid in scanning the woods.  I found that in my normal hunting environment that the 8x is more than powerful enough to spot and identify deer at 200 yards.  The clarity at any time of day was impressive and it made locating deer easy and efficient.

These binoculars are not pocket size but they are not bulky either.  I used them on a binocular harness this past season and never found them to be in the way.  They are big enough to hold, yet small enough that they were not intrusive when hunting.

The ergonomics of the Bushnell Trophy binoculars is very good.  You can set them up once and glass with one hand operation.  This is important when hunting to keep your weapon at the ready while scanning for game.

The waterproof housing was an important selling point for me.  I will pursue whitetails in all conditions and having binoculars that could withstand the elements is key.  These binoculars were worn in snow, rain, etc. all season long.  I did not have any issue with them fogging up, an issue that plagued me during past seasons.  The only issue I had was during a hard snow, the eyecups filled up on me.  This was user error, not a fault of the binoculars.

The Bushnell Trophy binoculars come with an IRON CLAD NO FAULT WARRANTY!  This was an important part of my decision to purchase these.  A fully transferable warranty that covers accidents and defects with NO receipt or warranty card required at this price point is an amazing value.

My only complaint about these binoculars is the flip up objective covers.  They seemed to fall off of the binoculars because the fit is not tight enough.  I actually lost one of them during the season.  It fell off the binoculars in the woods.  I did get lucky and recover the cap after the season when pulling my stands but went the majority of the season using no objective covers.

I am very pleased with these binoculars.  I used to use the $19.99 pocket binoculars and got so frustrated that I stopped carrying any optics when hunting.  I can now say I will not go into the woods or field without my Bushnell Trophy binoculars.

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Author: Eric Hall

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