Product Review Rage 2-blade Crossbow Broadheads

Rage 2 blade crossbow
Rage 2-Blade Crossbow

Opinions vary on broadhead choice when it comes to picking what is best for whitetail hunting.  With so many options – fixed vs. mechanical vs. hybrid models – it is easy to see why this topic is so polarizing.  I have shot Rage for the last nine years and have yet to lose a deer.  Even marginal hits (not proud of these) have yielded terminal results.  This review will be on the Rage 2-Blade Crossbow broadheads that I have used in the field.

I began shooting Rage, after losing three deer with another broadhead.  I was shooting an older crossbow and found that I was not getting the performance needed to take down whitetails.  I started with regular Rage two blades but once I purchased my new crossbow I switched to the Rage Crossbow.   The Rage Crossbow series is designed to handle the speed and energy of the modern crossbow market.  The broadheads come in two common weights, 100 grain, and 125 grain.  Rage broadheads use a rear deploying slip cam design allowing for cut on impact performance.  The two blade broadheads have a cutting width of 1.75 inches leaving good entrance and exit wounds allowing for quick ethical recovery.

I have read reviews saying the blades are opening prematurely in flight.  Rage upgraded their blade security from an O-ring to a shock collar system to ensure blades say closed until impact.  I found this system to also help prevent the blades from opening in the quiver as well.  I cannot tell you how many times I had to reset the blades in the dark because they had come loose in the quiver.  The shock collars have remedied this and I have found no deployed blades since switching to shock collars.

Other reviews state the blades fail to deploy.  I have not found this to be the case.  Rage broadheads have performed 100% of the time for me both when practicing and in the field.  The blood trails are able to be followed at a walking pace.  Every animal I have shot has expired within 80 yards with most going down inside of 40.   I know everyone has different circumstances, all I can do is portray what my experience has been.


  • Shoot field points and verify zero with the practice tips
    • Saves your target and I have found the accuracy spot on
  • Shoot the broadhead to ensure it performs, don’t just trust the practice tip
  • If you have any doubt, put paper in front of the target when shooting the broadhead
    • you can determine if the blades are opening early
  • Modify the quiver to ensure the broadheads are secure
    • I used a knife to remove some of the foam to not put pressure on the slip cam system
     I know that broadheads are a contested topic with varied opinions on what brand and type are the best.  I can tell you that I have recovered deer that I would have previously lost with my other broadheads.  The blood trails look like someone threw a paint grenade down the trail.  My animals expire quickly and have always been recovered.  For all of these reasons, I recommend Rage without hesitation.  If you want ethical and efficient broadhead performance, give Rage a try.

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Author: Eric Hall

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