Product Review: X-Stand Venom Climbing Sticks

X-Stand Venom Sticks

Product Review: X-Stand Venom Climbing Sticks 1

by Eric Hall

Today, we are looking at the X-Stand Venom climbing sticks.

Material: Steel
Weigh: 3.7 pounds per stick.
Carrying capacity: 300 pounds
Length: 31 inches
Width of step: 10 inches
Between Steps: 12 inches
Cost: $109.99

The Venom climbing sticks by X-Stand are an option for safe and secure run and gun setups.
While on the heavy side, the Venom steps have some great features that are hard to find at this price point.

There are four sections of three steps each.  The steps feature a dual spine that adds stability and strength to the unit.  The outward angle of the foot pegs allows more room for your boot on each step.  Each step is serrated to prevent slipping as you climb.

The steps are made to nest together, making carrying easier when headed to and from the woods.  They can be attached securely to a hang on stand and backpacked in.  Once at the tree, the steps install quickly with the tree strap and button assembly.  Simply place the loop around the button, wrap the strap around the tree and attach the second loop to the button.  Then, tighten the strap and pull down on the step to secure it to the tree.  I like to tie off the tag end of the strap.

After placing the first section on the tree, attach your linesman belt and climb to the second step on the first section.  Place the second section at the height of your knee to ensure safe and consistent spacing of your sections.  The beauty of individual sections is that the tree doesn’t have to be perfect in order to hunt from it.  You can place the steps to move up the tree to avoid limbs etc.  Let’s face it, the perfect tree isn’t always in the right spot.  With individual sections, you can hunt the imperfect tree in the perfect spot.

NOTE:  You need to be attached to the tree the entire time.  Use a safety harness and lineman belt what installing any tree steps.


  • Cost
  • Solid steel construction
  • Ease of use
  • Stackable
  • A little on the heavy side
  • Serrated edges can dig into hands when you climb
  • You will need to wrap them to reduce metal on metal contact noise
The Venom Climbing Steps by X-Stand are a good value and a safe, affordable option for mobile setups.  They conform to almost any tree and are very easy to set up.  Venom climbing sticks are an important piece of my mobile hunting solution.

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Author: Eric Hall

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