2019 Rut-cation Journal 11/6/2019 and 11/7

2019 Rut-cation Journal 11/6/2019 and 11/7 1

This journal will chronicle my Rut-cation and review tactics, based on weather and timing, to hunt NE Ohio whitetail deer.  I look forward to sharing this ongoing story with you.Good Luck Everyone and  – Stay Afflicted with Whitetail OCD

  • Pressure 28.91 and rising
  • South West winds 8 MPH
  • Temperature
    • Low: 36
    • High: 51
  • Moon
  • Waxing Gibbous
    • Rise:1:35 PM
    • Set: 11:58 PM

Strategy: Hang and hint down wind of bedding


On 11/6 I Hung my set in the evening down wind of a known doe bedding area with no deer sightings. Very slow deer movement today, well that is saying it nicely. I got skunked on the sit.

I decided to leave my stand in the woods along with my bow, pack etc. And sneak back in the AM to try again. I got into the stand on 11/7 30 minutes prior to daylight and sat until 10 AM without seeing a deer.

I pulled the set and made my way out of the woods. Frustrated by the lack ov movement, I knew I needed a new strstegy going forward.

More to come:

Stay Afflicted with Whitetail OCD!
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Author: Eric Hall

Afflicted with Whitetail OCD, I have been addicted to the Whitetail Deer since the late 1980s. It is an all-consuming and never-ending passion to learn about and ultimately preserve the heritage of whitetail deer hunting. Now I feed that addiction with the Whitetail OCD blog.