Welcome to Whitetail OCD

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Hello and welcome to Whitetail OCD!

As I begin this journey I wanted to share a bit about me and what has brought me to this point.

I am Eric Hall from Northeast Ohio.  I am an avid whitetail deer hunter and have been for 29 years.  Family and friends tell me that I have a disease – “Whitetail Disease” because all I think about, read about and talk about seems to revolve around the pursuit of what I consider the most majestic creature in the wild.  I have been afflicted with Whitetail OCD!

Let me qualify that I am not a whitetail expert, nor will I ever consider myself to be.  I would not go as far as to consider myself a good deer hunter.  To do this would constitute arrogance on my part and a lack of respect for the animals.  I understand that I am always one step behind when I enter into the domain of the whitetail deer.  I am a guest, a visitor, to their full time world.  The deer are the experts, not me.

Out of this understanding, Whitetail OCD is born.  This is an outlet for my passion and an opportunity to share my love for deer and deer hunting as well as learn from as many people as I can along the way.  I believe there is no single best way to hunt and that each tactic and strategy has its merit so long as it is an ethical and legal pursuit defined by the game commissions where the hunt takes place.  Every story, opinion, tactic and strategy should be tailored to each individual’s personal hunting style and unique set of hunting circumstances.  In short, I am not telling anyone how they should hunt, instead it is simply food for thought.

This blog will include a collection of stories, tactics, best practices and opinions aimed at fostering conversation and thought.  With the sharing of our collective knowledge and experiences I  hope to improve the odds of filling our tags each fall and preserving our natural resources.

I look forward to sharing news around topics related to conservation issues that impact the deer herd and ways that we, as hunters, can mobilize to ensure our children’s children can enjoy the wild as much as we do.

It is now the middle of October 2017 and the October lull is upon us in NE Ohio.  The rut is mere weeks away and anticipation is high.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.  Good luck out there and “Stay Afflicted with Whitetail OCD!”

Stay Afflicted with Whitetail OCD!
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Author: Eric Hall

Afflicted with Whitetail OCD, I have been addicted to the Whitetail Deer since the late 1980s. It is an all-consuming and never-ending passion to learn about and ultimately preserve the heritage of whitetail deer hunting. Now I feed that addiction with the Whitetail OCD blog.

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